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Candles can light your inner fire!

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Candles are not just a mere source of light or simply there to smell nice. Something to just fill that odd space? No, candles can alter our mood, help us relax after a long, stressful day. Candles can create an inviting, warm environment when entertaining. They can also be a source of nostalgia, enticing scents, reminding us of memorable times in our lives. They can also be, shall we say, a powerful aphrodisiac!

After a long day, burn a lavender or lemongrass candle to soothe and relax. Florals will create an intoxicating scent that envelops you in their aroma. Sandalwood reminds us of those trips to the barber shop and what is nicer in the warm weather then the scent of crisp white linen?

Think of candles as an important addition to your decor and personal space. Whether in a tall glass hurricane or sitting atop a chunky ceramic base, candles bring an important style element to your room. Try using candles when dinning at the table, there is nothing quite as flattering and romantic as the warm, dancing glow of candlelight when enjoying dinner with guests or that someone special.

A few tips to get the most out of your candles...

Always trim your wicks! Invest is a great pair of wick trimmers!

That first burn is oh, so important. Let the entire top of your candle melt before you extinguish after the first burn.

Never let your scented candles burn for more than three hours.

Switch them up, mix and match with different scents to keep the glow and create a totally unique blend of aromas.

And most importantly, always extinguish your candles! Now, go enjoy those candles!

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